Additional Services


Sell us your residential first lien mortgage, or existing mortgages from the following sources:

  • Home builder new construction originated loans
  • Individuals with "Owner Carry" paper
  • Mortgage lenders holding loans
  • Community banks with small seasoned portfolios
  • Private institutions that originate and hold paper for yield

5 Advantages of doing Business & Mortgages Notes with us

  • We have access to unlimited funds and facilitate the purchase of Private Mortgage Notes.
  • We provide you with easier terms that will help you increase the number of potential buyers.
  • We offer the very best prices
  • We help you to sell problem or non conforming properties
  • You get more showings

Our Business & Mortgages Notes' service is perfect for sellers with plenty of equity in their property, but didn't want to carry back a large note.

Contact us for a personalized assessment of your situation at 919 878-8941


C F S Work for you as a customer in getting cash for your annuity. We provides the best value and customer service with a choice of payment options, to assist those individuals who may need access to a portion or all of their future annuity payments. Individuals have the choice to sell all or just a portion of their future payments. For more information and a free quote complete our request form.

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Get your cash now, and the Inheritance Funding Company does all the waiting while the legal issues and processes involving your inheritance are completed.

How does it work?

Inheritance Funding Company assumes the risk that payment of your inheritance will be delayed, that you'll get less than expected, or even that you'll get nothing. When probate finally clears, Inheritance Funding is repaid directly from the estate, and you receive the remainder of your inheritance.

Benefits of our Inheritance Funding Program

  • This is a purchase, not a loan
  • You have no personal liability
  • There are no monthly payments or hidden charges
  • Your income or credit status isn't a problem
  • Inheritance Funding Company does the waiting and takes the risk

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