Helping individuals, investors, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to increase their cash flow.

Pre-settlement Funding

Get the cash you need to help cover your living expenses while your suit is being settled. If you don’t win your case you don’t have to pay us back.

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pre-settlement funding

happy pre-settlement customers

Commercial Real Estate

Get the funding you need for development and construction, Land acquisition, Foreclosures and bankruptcies, and other fixed assets.

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Commercial Real State Funding

Commercial Real State Financig

Accounts Receivable

Turn your unpaid invoices into available cash. The process is fast and simple. You just need to fill up an application for quick approval.

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accounts receivable services

Accounts Receivable Funding for small businesses

Contact Information

Contact us for a personalized assessment of your situation at 919 878-8941


With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in a variety of creative financial solutions that are typically not offered by banks. Through Continental Financial Services, the same alternative funding opportunities that have long benefited such Fortune 500 companies are now available to smaller businesses like yours.

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Continental Financial Services

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